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Start training with me today to:

* Control your weight
* Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
* Reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes
* Reduce your risk of some cancers
* Strengthen your bones and improve bone density
* Improve your coordination and prevent falls
* Improve your mental health and mood
* Improve your ability to do daily activities with less pain
* Increase your chances of living longer and healthier

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As a certified personal trainer, Melanie is professional and passionate about helping her clients succeed to meet their individual health and fitness goals.
She is effective in training at all various exercise levels. Melanie is extremely knowledgeable in her fitness field and provides the most ultimate motovation,while showing her clients how to train safely and effectively. She will share her skills with others how to live a healthy lifestyle.



Working out with Melanie has made a huge difference in my physical fitness.

I’m stronger now and my back problems have been greatly diminished.
She tailored my workouts around my back and ankle injuries and I have see results.

I’ve been working out with her now 3x a week for 6 months and I have already lost 25 pounds and countless inches.

For anyone interested in training, I would recommend Melanie. She’s energetic, fun, motivating, knowledgeable and, most importantly, she gets results.


I have been training with Melanie Lopez for 3 years now.
What’s not to say about Melanie?

I am a 65 year old woman who has transformed her body from being overweight and flabby to a comfortable weight and point of fitness; all thanks to Melanie.

Melaanie has a totally upbeat, enthusiastic and caring approach to her training methods / Her dynamic personality is an inspiration to all no matter how old or out of shape you might be. She encourages your physical and mental attitude to bloom and grow. she is very kind hearted and uplifting to train with.

I have always walked away from a session with Melanie feeling like I could accomplish anything.

Train with Melanie to reach your ultimate goals. It is an opportunity and an experience that you should not pass by.
She will never disappoint.

Love my trainer!!!
Susie Daly
Boynton Beach


Melanie Lopez is a powerful person.

Three months ago I started my physical training program with her. Then I had very little upper body strength, couldn’t turn very far around, and walked slowly for only short distances. I was in really bad shape.

Melanie began my training slow. We met three times a weeks for a half hour. She made sure I drank lots of water and counseled me on my nutritional needs. Our sessions began on-time and sometime went over our agreed on 30 minutes (N/C). At the end of each session I would walk on the Gym’s Treadmill (N/C). In the beginning I would walk slowly for 10-15 minutes at 1.5 mph. In my last session I walked at 2.8 mph for an hour.

Today, my walking is much better, my upper body strength is better, and I can now stand up from a seated position and turn around without fear of tumbling over. Melanie Lopez with her ever-present smile, persistence nature, and knowledge about how my body’s muscles worked made me better.

I am grateful to have had Melanie Lopez in my life.

Bob Dudley

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